While COVID19 induced slow down in Pakistan’s economy in the first half of 2020, However, the economic recovery in second half is evident from various economic indiactors.

One such indicator is registration of Companies by SECP, where 2,107 new companies were registered during the month of October-2020. More than 99% companies were registered online and 34% of applicants got registration the same day. In October, 97 foreign users registered companies from overseas.

69% of the registered companies were private limited companies, while around 28% were registered as single member companies. While remaining 3% were categorized in public unlisted, not for profit associations, foreign companies and limited liability partnerships.

Most companies registered were from Trading, Construction and IT Sectors. Foreign investment has been reported in 35 new companies from Algeria, Belgium, China, Denmark, Germany, Korea South, Mexico, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Turkey, the UAE, the UK and the United States

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