Al-Haj Faw Motors has stopped production of its V2 hatchback in Pakistan as confirmed by the Dealers. Although their is no official announcement of the same, Dealers have stopped taking orders.

Since its launch, FAW V2 sales have been disappointing, as consumers preferred Japanese Cars over Chinese brands. While Al-Haj Motors recently launched Proton SAGA, consumer interest from V2 has completely vanished.

Moreover, Al-Haj motors is also more interested in focusing towards producing Proton Cars, which has received a warm welcome keeping in view its quality and price points.

Al Hajj Motors is currently importing Proton fully built units (CBUs) from Malaysia. However, local assemblies may begin as early as the third or fourth quarter of 2021 as Production facility is under construction.

Al-Haj Motors is expected to continue selling FAW trucks and buses.

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