As per confirmed sources, Honda Atlas will deliver the New City Model (6th Generation) to its customers in March 2022, approximately nine months from the current booking date in July-2021.

Honda Atlas dealers have also confirmed this update and have realized that the vehicle will actually be delivered to customers in March next year.

Honda City (6th Generation) is a new and long-awaited car in Pakistan, with back log of more than 5,000 units already booked in Pre-Booking. In contrast, many other cars launched earlier have started delivering within 4-6 months time (Alsvin, Yaris, KIA).

Honda Atlas Cars have yet to release full details of the vehicle, its specs and pricing.

Honda Atlas, has jeopardized future sales of CITY firstly by introducing an older model (the 6th generation instead of the 7th available globally), and secondly, delaying the delivery times. In contrast, the delivery time for competitors in CITY (Yaris) is approximately one month.

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