In order to bring greater digital liberalization in Pakistan, BankIslami, One of Pakistan’s leading Islamic Bank, has made large-scale investments in modernizing branch-level connection infrastructure.

After thorough technical testing , the bank transferred the entire Wide Area Network (WAN) to Huawei, along with Router and Switch branches in all physical locations in Pakistan. BIPL aims to develop a robust system for customer facilitation and regular business operations.

BankIslami Pakistan Ltd (BIPL) is fast becoming one of the leading and technologically modern financial institutions providing its customers with proven Sharia-compliant products and services.

This transformation of the network infrastructure through cooperation with Huawei is an important step for the bank and it is important for branches to handle rapidly changing behavior and customer requirements. Huawei networks are widely accepted in the telecommunications industry. Over the years, they have established a reliable reputation and the consistent provision of this quality has attracted the attention of BankIslami.

Commenting on progress, President and CEO of BIPL Syed Amir Ali said; “The digitization process becomes vital for all of us in past few years. We at Bank Islami, are continuously looking for new horizons to bring comfort and convenience to customers through digital channels. Association with Huawei is extremely important because of their robust hardware and expertise will allow us to enhance our services.”

BankIslami is continuously making investments in improving its overall Technology infrastructure to be more efficient and compatible in implementing new digital solutions.

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