One of Pakistan’s Leading banks, Bank of Punjab(BOP) has signed a memorandum of understanding with McDonald’s in Pakistan to place ATM machines in major McDonald’s outlets.

The MOU was signed by Zahid Mustafa, Head of Retail Banking and Digital Services at the Bank of Punjab, and Umar Toor, Director of Real Estate Development at McDonald’s. The ceremony took place at McDonald’s, Lahore Polo Club, DHA, Lahore.

Speaking at the ceremony, Zahid Mustafa, head of retail banking and digital services at Bank of Punjab, said: “Today is a special day for the Bank of Punjab where we signed a MOU with Pakistani McDonald’s restaurant chain. The most popular food chain in Pakistan. The idea is to provide convenience for customers visiting the most popular food chain in Pakistan. This is a moment for us, and I’m sure it will give our clients another reason to say, ‘I love this.’

In this context, Umar Toor, McDonald’s National Director of Real Estate Development, said: “This is another milestone in customer comfort. McDonald’s is a customer-centric brand that has always strived to improve the customer experience through quality, service and cleanliness. “

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