Bykea has partnered with Find MY Doctor to promote ​​coronavirus testing and vaccination with lesser difficulty. The whole purpose of this partnership is to increase the population’s propensity for quick access to medical facilities from home in order to speed up the testing process.

Find My Doctor is a platform based on the ideology of providing comfort to people, and is constantly working on affordable healthcare. Founded in 2016, Find My Doctor uses technology as an important link between PMDC-certified physicians, leading laboratories and patients.

The new partnership between Bykea and Find My Doctor aims to provide healthcare at the fingertips in the shortest possible time. Thanks to this collaboration, patients can undergo home PCR testing and antibody volume testing. This feature is especially useful in such moments because it promotes social isolation and comfort at your fingertips.

Regarding the prospects for this partnership, said Saad Wahab Siddiqi of Find My Doctor:

During this pandemic, with permanent limitations, it is difficult to leave a home that needs primary care.” Doctor and Bykea will help us provide health care to mass consumers in their homes. The partnership between Bykea and Find My Doctor not only enables both companies to reach a wider audience, but also helps them improve their identity as a customer-centric business.

Muneeb Maayre, CEO of Bykea, who is pleased to find another way to ensure the availability and comfort of his customers, said: This is seen as a significant step towards our goal of making our lives easier. .. Let’s hope we can get vaccinated right at the door soon.

Promoting such causes for the well-being of the people of Pakistan remains a top priority for Bykea, so they hope to encourage people to try to vaccinate aggressively and comfortably through this partnership. To make an appointment with Find My Doctor, got o the website to fill out the form.

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