With its large population base, changing lifestyles, and increasing middle class with rising income, Pakistan is one of the growing markets for Ride-hailing services. While CAreem and Uber already have a presence in Pakistan, Another Ride-Hailing service is launching its operations in Pakistan.

CABI promises to provide its users with a great experience and facilitate their daily travel by providing safe and convenient travel solutions.

CABI will be launching Economy, Economy Plus, Business Class, and Business Class plus 7-seater Vans options to its users. There are also some extra options that no other riding service has ever tried. It also provides insurance for all passengers, including cab drivers.

The main goal of the company is to create more jobs in Pakistan and it operates throughout the country, reaching all major cities. CABI is currently actively recruiting and building a strong team for an ongoing journey and plans to continue adding talented people to the team.

CABI will launch its operations on 14th August,2021 from limited cities.

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