Pakistan’s cement exports witnessed 5.9% monthly decline in Feb-2021 as compared to Jan-2021, while it declined by 17.93% on yearly basis as compared to Feb-2020, as per the data released by Pakistan Bureau of Statistics.

Cement exports stood at $ 19.52 million in February-2021, compared to $ 23.79 million in February-2020 and $ 20.75 million in January 2021, according to PBS.

The decline in exports is due to strong domestic demand, as local players shifted their sales structure towards the domestic market to take advantage of the high holding price, while seasonality also played a role.

Moreover, Cement Manufacturers are also struggling with rising fuel and energy prices, which have led to a drop in total cement exports over the past few months.

In volumetric terms, cement exports were down 11.5% on a monthly basis and 17% on an annualized basis to 537,452 metric tons.
Cumulatively, cement exports during the first eight months (July’2020-February’2021) decreased by 3% year-on-year, from US $ 193.924 million to US $ 183.198 million.

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