Pakistan’s Chemical and pharmaceutical exports fell 27.4% from the previous month to $ 107 million during April2021. However, on yearly basis, Chemicals export grew by 43.67% compared to the same period last year.

The chemical and pharmaceutical products exported from Pakistan primarily comprise of plastics, medicines and other chemicals.

The bulk of the exports to the chemicals and pharmaceuticals sector during the month came mainly from other chemicals, which together accounted for 60.89% of the group’s exports. The total export volume of chemical products, recorded in April’21, was 68.4 million US dollars, 32% lower than on a monthly basis, while the same product increased by 82.83% compared to the same period last year.

The second major export component of the pharmaceutical chemicals group was plastics, which accounted for a total of 18% of the group’s total revenue. The total exports of plastic products during the month amounted to 19.33 million dollars, down 27.76% over the same period last year and by 19.17% compared to the previous month.

Besides plastics, pharmaceuticals also remained the main export sector with an 18% share of the group’s total exports, with total exports in this sector remaining at US $ 19.32 million, a remarkable increase of 86.9% compared to the same period last year. However, in the same sector, exports were down 15.14% month over month compared to March 21.

In total, chemical and pharmaceutical exports jumped 17.58% to $ 951.2 million in FY 10 months, compared to $ 809 million in 10 months 20.

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