Federal Secretary for Board of Investment (BOI) Ms. Fareena Mazhar has said that Chinese companies are ready to invest $ 15 billion in Pakistan’s Refinery sector.

In the aforementioned project, Chinese companies are investing in the petrochemical sector in Gwadar, including the construction of a pipeline between Gwadar and China, She was talking to APP.

The Secretary said that bilateral negotiations are currently underway to invest in various projects related to Chinese investment in Pakistan. It is hoped that Chinese companies will bring investments to Pakistan in energy, agriculture, tourism and other sectors in the future.

She said the government intend to promote small and medium-sized businesses in the country in order to attract foreign investment and create jobs in the country.

She said the government is introducing new policies for small and medium-sized enterprises, and has also started to reform the regulatory framework to improve business conditions in the country.

She said the Board of Investment (BOI) has worked hard to attract foreign investment to the country and improve “ease of doing business” at the expense of doing business in the country.

Ms. Fareena said the implementation of these reforms, initiated by the BoI, was part of the government’s broader strategy to increase productivity and increase exports to achieve sustainable economic growth in the country.

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