Dukan.pk has signed a partnership with Extreme Commerce to help local businesses sell products online, with the shared goal of empowering people in Pakistan to enhance their earnings through e-commerce and digital skills.

Extreme Commerce is Pakistan’s largest Ecommerce community with around 700,000 members, having helped thousands of people sell online and made over $100 million in sales through Amazon, eBay, and other platforms.

Managed by a team of industry veterans, Dukan.pk helped set up more than 60,000 online stores, up 350% per month. It provides a free, simple and efficient platform for local dealers to create their own online store and sell online.

The partnership is expected to enable anyone with a smartphone to gain e-commerce sales skills and provide easy-to-use technologies that allow them to create online stores, make online payments and manage shipping. There are currently over 5 million micro and small businesses in Pakistan that want to join the e-commerce revolution but lack the knowledge. Pakistan’s e-commerce industry has grown 84% during the COVID-19 pandemic and is one of the fastest growing industries in the world.

Mr.Monis Rahman, Founder and CEO of Dukan.pk, highlighted his commitment to supporting local small businesses:

Dokan’s mission is to enable anyone with a smartphone to sell online in less than a minute. Our partnership with Extreme Commerce will help accelerate this mission by completing our platform with High-quality e-commerce training for local retailers.

Commenting on a similar observation, Extreme Commerce founder and CEO said, “It’s gratifying to see platforms emerge that help retailers like Dukan.pk find their customers.

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