Prime Minister’s Trade and Investment Advisor Abdul Razak Dawood welcomed the launch of the Facebook Marketplace in Pakistan on Friday, and said the opportunity could be a lifeline for small businesses and women entrepreneurs during the pandemic situation in the country.

Facebook Marketplace is a serious competitor to Ads site such as, and other online retail stores.

Dawood made a series of tweets in this regards. The prime minister’s adviser saw the launch would encourage small businesses and entrepreneurs in Pakistan to sell online.

According to the details, Facebook has unveiled its client-to-client platform that allows people to buy and sell products.

The Facebook Marketplace was launched in 2016 and has been deployed in over 100 countries. Previously, Facebook users in Pakistan could not use this feature.

On the marketplace, people can search for information about companies or search for goods nearby to find something good. Plus, there is no need to download another app or create a new account to buy and sell.

Facebook Market is expected to takeover the market share of, one of the leading online marketplace in Pakistan

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