In the annual general meeting (AGM) held on September 22, 2023, Fatima Fertilizer Company Limited (PSX: FATIMA) shareholders have approved a total investment of Rs7.66 billion in REITs managed by Arif Habib Dolmen REIT Management Limited. This investment will be effective until the next annual general meeting or for a longer duration as specified in Annexure-A of the Statement under Section 134(3) of the Companies Act, 2017.

The Breakup of REIT Investment will be as below:

1) Silk Islamic Development REIT (SIDR) – PKR 600 million, 2) Pakistan Corporate CBD REIT – PKR 858m, 3) Sapphire Bay Islamic Development REIT (SBIDR) – PKR 880m, 4) REITS of Arif Habib Dolmen REIT Management – PKR 2,250mn

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