Faysal Bank, Pakistan’s emerging Islamic bank, has won the Global Islamic Finance Award (GIFA) for Best Islamic Bank for Transformation and Innovation in 2021.

The Global Islamic Finance Awards (GIFA) is one of the most sought after and respected market leaders in the world of Islamic banking and finance. Faisal Bank was awarded the GIFA as the best Islamic developing bank last year.

Yousaf Hussain, CEO of Faysal Bank, said: “Thank God, we at Faysal Bank are honored to receive the Global Islamic Finance Awards 2021 for the best Islamic bank for change and innovation. This is an acceptance for us that our conversion model is known for its reach, based on our success in one of the largest possible conversions from a traditional bank to an Islamic bank worldwide.

Faysal Islami is one of the largest traditional to Islamic banking conversions. The bank currently has over 520 branches of Islamic banks through a network of 576 branches covering more than 200 cities across the country. The bank is expected to achieve full conversion to Islamic Banking Mode by 2023. This will make Faysal Bank, second largest Islamic Bank in Pakistan

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