A ceremony was held on Thursday at Rescue 1122 headquarters in Lahore to distribute Ventilators. Punjab Health Minister Dr Yasmin Rashid was the main guest and Health Minister Nabil Ahmed Awan as the guest of honour at the event, and presented Umbulizer ventilators to the 1122 rescue team.

Commenting on this social initiative, Dr. Yasmine Rashid said:

I would like to thank ABF, Helping Hand USA, Ferozsons Laboratories Limited, the Pakistan Physicians Association of New England (APPNE) and the Greater Boston Society of Pakistan ( PAGB), all of whom participated in the action on the transfer of urgently needed ambulances to urgently respond to the growing COVID-19 crisis in Pakistan. I am pleased to know that our Pakistanis have developed an umbulizer and have received international recognition from Harvard and MIT for theirs. As we celebrate Pakistan Day, I see a bright future as the generation continues with Next, makes a social impact, and serves again. his country. Conventional ventilators cost an average of $ 40,000 and are for intensive care units only. By implementing low-cost Umbulizer ventilators, we can save millions of dollars in taxpayer imports while expanding access to respiratory care in emergency departments and district headquarters. “Furthermore, during the current epidemic, public health is a priority for the Punjab government, and together we hope to effectively overcome the current crisis. This medical team will provide immediate assistance to critically important patients and thus save many lives.

Speaking about this initiative, CEO of Ferozsons CEO Osman Khaled Wahid said:

We need to work together during this difficult time. All businesses must collectively demonstrate unity to confront COVID-19. He also added that these ventilators, known as Umbulizers, were developed by Pakistani students from Harvard University, MIT and Boston University and received emergency authorization from the USFDA. As the name suggests, these bombs can be easily moved from one place to another. Ferozsons is proud to fulfill its commitment to the national health facilities to provide medical care to Pakistani citizens.

The Rescue department Director General highlighted the importance of providing frontline workers with the tools they need to save lives, saying:

The 1122 Rescue Service has always been at the forefront of providing assistance in this area. We have transported more than 16,000 patients during the first and first stages. the second waves and the Umbulizer were critical. In our quick reaction in the Punjab regions. With more devices, we can expand our reach and expand our reach.

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