HMR Group Chairman Haji Muhammad Rafiq Pardesi has said that The HMR Waterfront (part of the HMR Group) will be one of the most unique projects in Pakistan and this project will change the landscape of Karachi. He was talking to the media through a televised address.

The CEO of the HMR Group said The HMR Group is a company that is over 100 years old and since then the family has been working for generations. It has now spread all over the world and has its roots in Africa, the Middle East, and partly on the continent.

He said; “I started developing this facility very early on, and in early 2002 I was also part of the Jumeirah Lake Tower (JLT). I remember that then Dubai was just a desert with sand dunes, but today Dubai is full of life. “

He told “Our HMR Waterfront project is under construction on the main coast of Karachi located at DHA. All master plans were approved, even the towers were approved. This is a gateway community and this project has been designed by some of the best real estate designers in their business.

He also talked about his project, saying: “We have our own office towers, which would be convenient for everyone who lives here who works at the HMR Waterfront Office Block. For residents who have offices nearby, it would be more convenient for them. … “

The HMR waterfront comprises of 33.12 acres on Abdul Sattar Street across the Arabian Sea. It consists of 19 tall towers (14 residential towers and 5 office towers). HMR Office complex will be one of the finest office complexes in Pakistan and gives an idea of ​​any office complex located in any developed western country. The Office building has all the amenities of an international standard, including a helipad that anyone or any developer could imagine.

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