• Honda Civic RS 1.5 will now cost more than 1 Crore Rupees

Honda Atlas Cars (Pakistan) Limited (PSX: HCAR) has increased its prices for the fourth time in three months period due to the government’s imposition of a 25% GST on luxury items. The company released a notification today stating that the surge in prices was a result of the decline in the PKR’s value against the USD and the recent increase in sales tax from 18% to 25%.

Below is the updated Honda Car Prices in Pakistan for March-2023.

CarModelIncrease in PriceLatest Price
Honda CityM/T 1.2L                 220,000      4,799,000
Honda CityCVT 1.2L                 200,000      4,929,000
Honda City1.5L CVT                 530,000      5,549,000
Honda CityAspire M/T 1.5L                 530,000      5,759,000
Honda CityAspire CVT 1.5L                 560,000      5,979,000
Honda BR-VCVT S                  580,000      6,529,000
Honda HR-VVTi                 700,000      7,899,000
Honda HR-VVTi S                 800,000      8,199,000
Honda Civic1.5L M-CVT                 820,000      8,599,000
Honda Civic1.5L Oriel M-CVT                 850,000      8,949,000
Honda CivicRS 1.5L LL-CVT              1,000,000    10,199,000
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