World’s renowned IT Company, IBM and Pakistan’s leading Process Automation company, Systems Limited has signed an agreement to bring Hyper Automation to Pakistan’s Financial Services sector.

Hyper Automation remain a new concept in Pakistan and there is scarcity of service providers in this domain. In this Regard, Systemrs Ltd and IBM jointly hosted an event “Hyperautomation: Moving Businesses Beyond RPA” at Mövenpick Hotel, Karachi.

The event brought forward the concept of future for Pakistan where integration of Hyperautomation in industries such as Finance can be visualized and put into practice. The event’s was planned to create an enabling environment of awareness and the possibilities that are within the realm of Hyperautomation.

At the occasion Ovais Khan, Head of Integrations at Systems Limited said:

There is a cultural change that is associated with technological excellence and transformation. By pivoting transformation around key pillars of people, process, and technology, we have helped many organizations understand how RPA adds value to their business growth as an important automation propeller.

The types of Hyper Automation transactions in the Financial Services sector include Automating manual transactions, Eliminating the burden of financial planning, Tracking down investment values for mutual funds, Streamlining lending and loan acquisitions for banks, Hyperautomation is propelling financial services into the future,

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