International Industries Limited (IIL), the largest steel and polymer pipes manufacturer and exporter in Pakistan, has announced the successful implementation of an advanced 1MW solar power system at its Factory 1 in Karachi.

This development signifies a major stride in IIL’s commitment to sustainability and its efforts to minimize its environmental impact. The company plans to install a total of 4MW of renewable energy systems across all its factory locations.

“We are delighted to introduce our new solar power system, which exemplifies our strong dedication to sustainability and environmental stewardship,” stated Sohail R. Bhojani, CEO of International Industries Limited. He further added, “By harnessing renewable energy, we not only reduce our carbon footprint but also showcase our responsible business practices and our contribution towards a greener future for Pakistan and the global community.”

In addition to its substantial contribution to reducing carbon emissions, the solar power system is expected to generate significant cost savings for International Industries Limited over its operational lifespan. By relying on solar energy, the company will substantially decrease its reliance on traditional power sources, mitigating the impact of escalating energy costs and strengthening its long-term financial sustainability.

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