Proton Pakistan vehemently denies recent media reports suggesting the suspension of its authorized Proton dealership network and services by Al-Haj Automotive in Pakistan. The company categorically labels these reports as unfounded and driven by malicious intent.

In a social media announcement, Proton clarifies that the rumors circulating in the media are entirely false and without any factual basis. The company emphasizes its unwavering commitment to its customers and the general public, assuring them that these allegations hold no truth.

Al-Haj Automotive, as the authorized partner, reaffirms its dedication to upholding Proton’s commitments. This includes the provision of sales, service, and genuine parts through its network of authorized dealers. This commitment is extended to all valued customers and owners of PROTON vehicles, ensuring their needs continue to be met.

Despite the challenges posed by the current economic climate, Proton remains steadfast in its dedication to fulfilling its obligations. The company strives to provide uninterrupted sales and services to its cherished customers. This commitment underlines Proton’s determination to deliver quality services and products, even in the face of adverse economic conditions.

The company, as expressed in its social media post, remains resolutely devoted to the Pakistani market. It emphasizes its intention to maintain its presence and operations in Pakistan, assuring its customers and stakeholders that they can rely on Proton’s enduring commitment to the market.

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