K-electric has imposed 7.5% With Holding Tax on Non-Filer Consumer’s bill where amount exceeds Rs. 25,000/month. The imposition of new tax is in line with the measures taken in the Federal Budget FY2021-2022. This tax will take effect on July 1, 2021 and will apply throughout Pakistan, including the serving K-Electric area.

Withholding tax applies only to individuals who are not on the FBR’s taxpayer list. Household consumers are subject to 7.5% income tax if their electricity bill is PKR 25,000 or more in each month of the fiscal year.

Industrial and commercial consumers with a monthly bill of Rs 500-20,000 will be subject to withholding tax of 10% of the amount. For Bills over 20,000 PKR, commercial customers must pay 12% of the total with a minimum fixed WHT of Rs. 1950, while industrial customers must pay 5% of the total with the same flat fee.

K-Electric has instructed Residential consumers in its network to visit their nearest KE Customer Care Centre to update their CNIC on their consumer bills. KE also instructed consumers that in case of any further facilitation or queries, customers can also reach out to KE’s 24/7 channels including 118 call center and social media platforms.

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