Kot Addu Power Company Limited (KAPCO) has announced its half-year FY2021 Financial results where its net profits stood at PKR 11.4 billion (EPS: 13.06) marking a 2% decline as compared to the earnings of the same period last year.

Sales Revenue of the company declined by 23% on account of lower Power dispatches of 1,991 GWh in 1HFY21 as compared to , 2,277 GWh in same period last year.

KAPCO’s cost of sales also declined by 34% owing to lower production. KAPCO also witnessed a 37% decline in its non-core income owing to lower interest income and lower receivables.

KAPCO’s finance cost also declined by 66% amid decline in interest rates on its short term borrowing.

Rupees in ‘000Dec-20Dec-19% Change
Sales Revenue34,076,13944,469,422-23%
Cost of Sales(22,685,678)(34,363,914)-34%
Gross profit11,390,46110,105,50813%
Administrative expenses(663,787)(472,844)40%
Other income7,099,47111,335,967-37%
Finance cost(1,628,668)(4,758,030)-66%
Profit before taxation16,197,47716,210,6010%
Net Profit11,497,99211,727,007-2%
Earnings per share1313-2%
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