Dawood Global Foundation partnered with Chughtai Labs to launch LADIESFUND #LFMammogram, a breast awareness session in which women were invited to have session with doctors to learn about breast cancer survivors, and each participant received a free mammography certificate so they can take a screening test. The event was attended by about 150 women.

LADIESFUND CEO Tara Uzra Dawood said: “Today we thank all of you for coming to learn how to protect your health, find and invest in yourself as early as possible. Today you get a coupon for a free life-saving mammogram. But cheer up 5 more girlfriends. At least take the test until their lives are saved too. Push forward. “

“We are delighted to partner with LADIESFUND to promote breast cancer awareness,” said Ismail Salim, deputy director of marketing at Chughtai Labs. “We wanted to give out mammography coupons to encourage women to care.”

The main guest Musarat Misbah urged women to devote time to their health. “Whether it’s 5 minutes or 15 minutes, take this opportunity.

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