Leyjao.pk keeps on penetrating the e-commerce market of Pakistan by offering quality products with discounts. With the targeted niche of Beauty and Apparel, Leyjao.pk experienced 100,000 unique visits to the website, a milestone tantamount to the thriving success of the platform.

The company aims to add new products to its current line of 1,000 beauty brands. The facial packages are impressive, especially with the addition of many different brands.

These expanded product lines will drive new shoppers to the online shopping platform as well as other products to stop and browse through an expanded selection of women’s fashion, skincare and assortment. Beauty.

The success of Leyjao.pk is attributed to various factors however one factor which led to success is its ability to put customers first.

While consumers today are obsessed with options that are low priced, Leyjao continues to be a source of affordable makeup options. This approach has paid off. In 2020, the company recorded double-digit percentage growth in sales of lipsticks, brighteners, bases, shades, and beauty products performed well.

Leyjao began selling Ramazan Super Bachaat and Eid Bari Bachaat, offering up to 70-80% discounts on phones, smart devices, apparel, cosmetics and skincare. Shoppers get 120 million in discounts across many categories. Women’s pajamas, jewelry and shoes have become popular.

Leyjao has unveiled the best Eid deals and discounts on a wide range of leading brands. Online sales are expected to continue to grow as online shoppers continue to click “add to cart” and receive offers from home.

The company remained at the front amid competition in the marketplace with attractive products and the latest fashions. A visit to leyjao.pk offers beauty fans better visuals, product information, communication mechanisms, and improved online payment methods. Moreover, shoppers love to shop on Leyjao.pk, so the best discounts are timely and accurate orders that they receive right at the door.

The company has attracted over 25,000 dealers representing new fashion brands. It plans to expand more aggressively across the country so that consumers think of leyjao.pk first when shopping for fashionable apparel and cosmetics.

Leyjao.pk is pleased to offer better quality cosmetic skin care, makeup and hair care for men and women. Leijiao understands very well that a premium cannot mean too high a price. They cut prices to suit the budgets of Leyjao customers.

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