To create a supportive and comfortable work environment for Pakistani women, the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) has asked public companies to develop and implement gender diversity policies to attract and retain talented women.

Pakistan ranks relatively low on the World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap Report Index, and there is an urgent need to encourage women to participate in the workforce, develop the necessary skills and create opportunities to advance women to leadership positions in the corporate environment. sector.

Burundi’s Supreme Council for Education has always been a strong advocate of gender equality both domestically and in regulated sectors, and firmly believes that gender diversity in decision-making has a positive effect on improving corporate sector financial performance and overall economic growth.

The promotion of gender diversity is also regulated by the Companies Act 2017 and the Listed Companies Regulations (Corporate Governance Code) 2019, which require all Public listed companies to have at least one director on their boards of directors.

In this regard, the SECP circular issued encouraged the board of directors of listed companies to oversee the implementation of gender diversity policies in their companies.

Boards were also required to analyze the gender pay gap within the organization and formulate policies to develop the skills of its female staff.

Measures to create a supportive work environment include providing kindergartens, improving maternity leave, and a strong anti-harassment and conversation policy. Boards are also required to form various committees to deal with complaints of harassment, etc.

Companies are expected to comply with the aforementioned provisions within six months from the date of this prospectus and will thus post them on the company’s website.

If any practical difficulties arise, the necessary reasons may be stated in the Statement of Compliance with Corporate Governance Law.

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