Pakistan’s Premiere Meat company, Al-Shaheer Corporation (ASC) widely known with its Brand name “Meat One” is all geared up to enter the Frozen Meat Product segment.

ASC has segmented another brand “Chef One” to launch Ready-to-Cook and Ready-to-Eat Meat Products under it.

The “ChefOne” project has taken a very long time in its realization, However, ASC is all geared up to take significant market share from existing market players including K&Ns, Sabroso, MonSalwa etc.

ChefOne has one simple strategy to dominate the market: Developing frozen foods in accordance with the desi taste. Currently, the market is saturated with western foods including nuggets, Sausages etc., and market leaders have gained domination in this niche only. Hence, for any brand to take a pie in the frozen foods segment, it needs to build a brand.

This type of ChefOne brand offers all kinds of meat products – chicken, beef, and seafood – and has divided them into the core, innovative, and disruptor categories. ASC will not be limited to small snacking items only. The company is ready to deliver the product to all locations, and important steps have been taken such as the purchase of freezers.

Initially, the products will be available in 2,500 top stores across the country, the alliances are still ongoing and Management expects revenues of 2.5 billion in their first year of ChefOne Operations, an ambitious target.

For the smooth operation of Qurbani this year, MeatOne has booked three wedding halls near Gulshan Iqbal, DHA, and Nazimabad, so there is enough space and the buyer does not need to stand outside in the sun.

During the Qurbani period, MeatOne generated additional revenue of around Rs 300 million. The company was able to bring 15,000 victims, which is significantly more than the previous year.

In terms of digital distribution, MeatOne already has its own mobile app for this purpose, while Bykea provides delivery. In addition, Daraz Mart, Panda Mart, and other leading platform stores act as online distribution channels for third parties.

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