BPC Banking Technologies, a leading provider of digital payment solutions, has partnered with Mizan Bank of Pakistan to advance its digital transformation program, starting with modernizing its payment infrastructure. The BPC SmartVista platform has been selected by Mizan to provide the bank with the latest issuance and acquisition services.

The bank is expected to see an explosive growth in channels and transaction volumes as the epidemic spreads due to the rapid adoption of digital services and the rapid growth of e-commerce in Pakistan. The bank’s move towards investing in digital payment infrastructure is part of its strategy to support consumers and businesses during these challenging times.

BPC’s SmartVista Switch solution will be used by Mizan Bank to manage authorization of payment transactions in real time across all channels. To provide its customers with convenient digital banking and payment systems, the bank will rely on a fast payment solution.

Through SmartVista BPC’s card management and issuance solution, Mizan Bank will also expand the adoption of new payment instruments for its customers, which are primarily used in account opening, while offering a more secure e-commerce experience.

Faizur Rahman, Head of Information Technology and Digital Banking at Mezzan Bank, said

“Pakistan has seen tremendous growth in the digital payments market driven by digital transformation during the Covid-19 pandemic. We need the right digital payment infrastructure to provide consumers with new payment options as well as the ability to accept payments for businesses”.

Angelo Bertini, CEO Middle East, Africa and Southeast Asia At BPC said;

“We know that flexibility and scalability are essential to create a solution that can adapt to the online payment environment in Pakistan. We look forward to continuing to support Mezzan in this exciting digital payment period in Pakistan.”

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