National Institute of Banking and Finance held a seminar on ‘Empowering Girls through Financial Literacy’ in collaboration with the International Rescue Committee (IRC).
The event in Islamabad was attended by Key stakeholders and representatives of development and international organizations.
NIBAF’s partnership with IRC will empower 7,000 girls through basic and financial literacy.
The event was attended by selected students who have successfully completed the financial literacy course at NFLP Y / TEACH, and their families. Deputy Governor of the SBP Sima Kamil graced the occasion.

Speaking to an audience, Sima Kamil thanked NFLP-Y and IRC for their work towards this goal. Girls in the most challenging areas of Balochistan and support them in their two months of training for Financial literacy course. She said ‘I found that women should have equal opportunities in life, not Because she is a woman, but because she is an equal citizen of this country. Work needs to be done to focus on the need for financial literacy for all, especially as a right for our youth girls. This is in line with the values ​​of Pakistan and the values ​​of the Founding Father,” she added.
Senior Adviser for Girls’ Education, Asia, Foreign and Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO), Ian Atfield noted that in May 2021, the British Prime Minister launched an initiative to educate girls. The plan includes a key objective to strengthen countries’ efforts to attract more girls to school, keep them safe and secure. He regretted that many girls did not go to school even before the COVID-19 pandemic, hence TEACH Girls’ Education Challenge launched in the UK. He said he was glad to see the Progress it has made in collaboration with the NFLP-Y. Zayn El Abidine, Regional Director of the International Rescue Center, also gave a speech.
The meeting participants stated that this educational initiative provides education that is in keeping with cultural traditions.

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