National Refinery Limited has notified the exchange that it has successfully started production and distribution of very low sulfur furnace oil (VLSFO), commonly referred to as “bunker fuel.” This achievement follows essential adjustments to our crude mix and production processes. VLSFO, a high-quality and environmentally friendly fuel, is mandated by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) 2020 Regulation for all seagoing vessels. Given its limited availability, the demand for VLSFO remains consistently strong. The provision of VLSFO will contribute to the sustainability of our refinery operations, regardless of seasonal fluctuations. This development is particularly noteworthy for our certificate holders, and we request you to relay this information.

Benefits of Very Low Sulfur Furnace Oil (VLSFO):

Environmental Friendliness: VLSFO contains significantly reduced sulfur content, resulting in lower emissions of harmful pollutants like sulfur dioxide and particulate matter, which contribute to cleaner air and reduced environmental impact.

Regulatory Compliance: VLSFO complies with stringent international regulations, making it the preferred choice for maritime vessels to adhere to IMO’s environmental standards.

Enhanced Engine Performance: VLSFO’s cleaner composition can lead to improved engine efficiency and reduced maintenance costs for vessels.

Reduced Health Risks: Lower sulfur emissions from VLSFO contribute to improved air quality, reducing health risks associated with air pollution for both seafarers and coastal communities.

Global Acceptance: VLSFO is widely accepted in international maritime trade, ensuring seamless refueling options for vessels at ports worldwide.

Sustainable Operations: The use of VLSFO helps refineries like National Refinery Limited maintain consistent production, ensuring long-term sustainability.

Positive Image: Adopting VLSFO demonstrates a commitment to environmental responsibility and aligns with global efforts to reduce the maritime industry’s ecological footprint.

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