Pakistan Railways is embarking on an ambitious project to install fiber optics cables along its extensive railway tracks across the country. This endeavor, undertaken in collaboration with private sector investors, aims not only to enhance the organization’s financial standing but also to attract potential investors.

The railway network in Pakistan spans approximately 7,791 kilometers, presenting a significant opportunity for digital connectivity and revenue generation. This initiative was discussed during a meeting of the Economic Coordination Committee (ECC), where the Ministry of Railways highlighted the potential of laying fiber optics cables alongside the railway tracks.

Pakistan Railways emphasized that despite its extensive network passing through densely populated areas and connecting major cities in all four provinces, its financial condition was deteriorating due to various financial obligations, including pension payments. Identifying new revenue sources was imperative to reduce reliance on government subsidies.

The department views the right-of-way charges on fiber optics cables as a promising avenue for generating additional income. This forward-looking project not only promises improved connectivity but also offers a sustainable means of bolstering Pakistan Railways’ financial health.

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