Pak Suzuki Motors Co (PSMC) made a record sales of 15,200 units in the month of July’2021. This is the highest number of vehicles sold by any company in a month.

The increase in sales was reportedly driven by increased auto loans and reduction in car prices owing to reduced taxes.

PSMC had previously outperformed other manufacturers in the automotive industry by 66 percent where PSMC sold 37,730 Alto units in the 2020-2021 fiscal year.

In the month of June-2021, PSMC sales declined by 39% from the previous month, as only 5,106 units were sold this month.

Analysts are of the opinion that record sales were achieved because consumers deferred their Purchases in July-2021 due to a reduction in taxes which had to take place from the 1st of July,2021. Resultantly a record sales were witnessed during the month.

However, this level will not be repeated, rather a decline of up to 40% can b witnessed in subsequent months

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