Investors will now be able to obtain a 6-month business visa within 24 hours, as per private television reports.

According to sources, the federal cabinet has approved amendments to the business, investment, and work visa policy. Reportedly, the visa policy has been amended to encourage foreign investment and trade. The federal cabinet approved the amendments to the visa policy for 103 countries on the recommendation of the Special Investment Facilitation Council (SIFC). It is said that, as per SIFC’s recommendation, the 6-month business visa will be issued immediately. Pakistani missions will be bound to issue business visas for five years within 24 hours. Short-term investor visas for one year will also be issued within 24 hours. Similarly, upon receiving security clearance from the Ministry of Interior, work visas for two years will be issued within one month, in line with SIFC’s recommendation.

This move is expected to attract foreign investors and streamline visa procedures, ultimately facilitating business and investment in Pakistan. It demonstrates the government’s commitment to creating a more welcoming environment for foreign investors and promoting economic growth through foreign direct investment.

In conclusion, the amendments to the visa policy, including the provision for a 6-month business visa within 24 hours, reflect Pakistan’s efforts to encourage foreign investment, trade, and economic development. These changes are expected to make the visa application process more efficient and investor-friendly, aligning with the government’s vision for economic growth and prosperity.

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