Pakistan’s first locally manufactured electric vehicle (EV) and the battery will be launched in 2023 where the economic benefits of EV project will exceed $ 1 billion. This was stated by the Head of the foundation working to develop the first EV in the country.

The country’s electric vehicle and battery project, funded and developed by foreign Pakistani experts, is led by DICE, a non-profit tax-exempt organization based in the United States and registered in Michigan.

“Pakistan is close to launching its world-class electric vehicle,” DICE Chairman Dr. Khurshid Qureshi told Arab News. “The commercial launch of the vehicle will take place in the third quarter of 2023.”

He said the initial prototype of a “Pakistani-made E-Car” would be ready within the next three or four months, adding that the initiative was funded and developed by Pakistanis who have worked or are continuing to work with large global automobile companies in the USA, UK, and Canada. “

Dr. Khurshid Qureshi, who is also working on a self-driving car project with a Chinese car company in Michigan, said the electric vehicle prototype was created with an initial investment of about $ 100,000 donated by members of the foundation.

He said the Electric battery is being designed with the weather and infrastructure conditions in Pakistan in mind. “As part of the battery project, we want to produce local packaging for Pakistan,” he explained. “In this regard, work is underway at the NED University of Technology and Engineering in Karachi, and the battery prototype will be completed within the next three months under the leadership of DICE.”

Qureshi said that only battery cells are imported and that battery production and manufacturing will be done in Pakistan. The minimum battery life is expected to be around 10 years.

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