Strategically located near High trading partners including China, India, and Bangladesh, the Islamic Republic of Pakistan exported US$25.3 billion worth of goods around the globe in the Fiscal Year 2021. That dollar amount reflects an 18% increase since 2020.

Higher exports came despite Rupee appreciation against the Dollar, as the Pakistani rupee appreciated by 5.6% against the US dollar since 2020. Despite the relatively stable performance, Pakistan’s currency remained weak in the region making Paksitani exports relatively less expensive in Dollar Terms for international buyers.

Pakistan’s biggest export products by value in 2021 were Cotton and Textile products, Rice, Fruits and Vegetables, Sports Goods, and Leather Products. In aggregate, those major exports account for almost Ninety Percent of Pakistan’s overall exports sales. The commodities themselves suggest a relatively less diversified range of exported goods.

The latest available country-specific data shows that 48% of products exported from Pakistan were bought by importers in: United States (19.9% ), UK (8%), China (8%), United Arab Emirates (6%), Germany (6%).

Smaller percentages went to Other European Countries (9.5%).

Given Pakistan’s population of 220 million people, its total of $25.3 billion in FY2021 exported products translates to roughly $115 for every resident in the country, much lower than the average of other South Asian Countries.

Pakistan’s Top 25 Exporting Companies in 2021


($ in million)

($ in million)

($ in million)
1Style  Textile  (PM)  Ltd.Textile42933329%294
2Interloop  LtdTextile33221455%238
3Artistic  Milliners  (Pvt.)  Ltd.Textile33027819%273
4Yunus  Textile  Mills  Ltd.Textile31222141%235
5Nishat  Mills  LtdTextile3072915%353
6Gul  Ahmed  Textile  Mills  Ltd.Textile28420539%199
7Feroze1888  Mills  LtdTextile27319838%199
8Soorty  Enterprises  (Pvt.)  Ltd.Textile2682694%248
9Artistic  Fabric  &  Garment  IndTextile22618920%206
10Liberty  Mills  LtdTextile21617325%174
11Masood  Textile  Mills  LtdTextile213113232%219
12Sadaqat  LtdTextile20914346%136
13U.S.  Apparel  &  Textiles  Pvt LtdTextile1971904%227
14Al-Karam  Textile  Mills Ltd.Textile1851746%129
15Nishat  (Chunian)  Ltd.Textile17013328%163
16Novatex  Ltd.Chemicals167209-20%252
17Lucky  Textile  Mills  LtdTextile1661529%123
18Garibsons  pvt  Ltd.Rice16614416%193
19Denim  Clothing  CompanyTextile1491133-9%149
20Klash  Pvt.  LtdTextile1398868%90
21Sapphire  Finishing  Mills  Ltd.Textile13712014%140
22Gohar  Textile  Mills  (Pvt)  LtdTextile1278942%81
23Kamal  LtdTextile1268745%92
24Riaz  Textile  Mills (Pvt)  LtdTextile1219429%102
25Sapphire Fibres  LtdTextile1129617%107

Out of 25 top exporters, 23 companies witnessed significant growth in the exports in FY2021 despite COVID19 induced slowdown in the global economies. This feat was achieved as Pakistan Industrial Sector worked in Full swing at a time when Major Industrial Base in the neighbouring countries of India and Bangladesh were shut or partially closed due to lockdown in those countries.

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