Canadian Air Safety Authority has said Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) services meet international standards and hopes the airline will continue to operate efficiently. This was stated in the Audit report of the Canadian Transport Safety and Airworthiness Agency which was done for Pakistan International Airlines.

The authority reviewed the PIA operations in August 2020 after the EU imposed a blockade on Pakistan.

Transport Canada said in a letter to PIA CEO Arshad Malik: “Transport Canada acknowledges that PIA has taken corrective action to correct the airworthiness elements in the Canadian Transport Canada Airworthiness Review. August 26, 2020.

Consequently, all results related to the airworthiness of the aircraft were closed. We also know that there have been other long-term systemic changes in both air travel and airworthiness in recent years to improve safety at PIA. “

“Transport Canada will continue to monitor and control PIA’s operations in Canada so that we can assess the effectiveness of the long-term corrective action plan,” the audit report said.

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