The Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) on Saturday retired ATR-72 airplanes from its fleet. ATR-72 were rented on expensive lease, from its fleet. As per the statement from PIA, ATR-72 planes were removed due to their non-profitable operation as the planes were hired on an expensive lease in 2015.

Although PIA was in agreement for hiring of the Leased Planes, However, it took coerage of COVID19 to revoke the lease.

In this context, the aircrafts have started deprating the base stations in Pakistan to South Africa. CEO of PIA has mentioned that the decision was hard but was inevitable as reforms are being introduced in the PIA and sooner new planes would be added to the fleet of the national flag carrier.

PIA was operating ATR-42 on short routes including Islamabad-Chitral/Gilgit, Karachi – Gwadar, and Karaci – Sukkur.

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