Erum Masood, CEO of PINE Global, has announced the onboarding of OCLITS as a technology partner with a belief that this partnership will benefit the startups by enabling them to leverage their technical expertise in the new era of digital transformation. She added that if today’s startup is to be successful, it must have the technical knowledge and ability to engage with its target audience by delivering digital services on a global platform.

She added that by creating synergies, PINE and OCLITS will create and coordinate new startups to ensure they can benefit from the technical disciplines and aspects of social engineering.

Farid Ghori, CEO, OCLITS (Pvt) Ltd., and the team are eager to support startups at PINE Global in transforming their ideas in the digital age based on the latest technologies and trends. He further highlighted that most startups face constant technological and increasing challenges in developing any product in a competitive market and cannot initially bear the costs of technical teams, so OCLITS as a technology company is ready to do it like a Bain Global startup.

OCLITS has extensive experience in software development, web design and development, mobile app development, online payment integration, e-commerce solutions and SEO services in the global marketplace. It provide web design services to support business and help in a highly competitive world.

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