Pakistani Telecommunications Limited Liability Company (PTCL) has successfully tested 5G technology at its headquarters in Islamabad.

Federal Minister of Information and Communications Technology Syed Amin ul-Haq attended the special ceremony, according to the company.

The 5G experiment was conducted on a non-profit basis in a limited environment.

The experiment analyzed various scenarios for direct use of 5G.

It included an operation from another site, cloud gaming, and reviews of 5G applications in Pakistan.

During the 5G experiment, PTCL was able to reach the maximum data transfer rate in a limited environment with a download speed of 1.685 Gbps.

A statement from PTCL said that the company performed 5G remote surgery during the trial, which will help improve people’s lives.

Once the ecosystem is in place, doctors will be able to conduct surgeries in remote locations, create new social and economic opportunities, and realize the dream of digital Pakistan.

According to the statement, 5G will provide more opportunities for the development of industries and people in Pakistan.

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