Pakistan’s Leading Local Pharma Company, Searle Company Limited has entered into an agreement with Livzon Mapharm Inc. for exclusive licensing & Supply of the “recombinant novel Coronavirus vaccine (V-01)” in Pakistan.

The licensing agreement also covers the manufacturing of (V-01) in Pakistan, as per the company’s notice to PSX.

The “Recombinant Novel COVID-19 Vaccine” (“V-01”) developed by Livzon has produced significant results in Phase I & II clinical trials. The Phase III Clinical Study which is going to start soon will include multiple countries and will involve more than 20,000 trials, aiming to evaluate the safety, effectiveness and immunogenicity of the V- 01 program.

There are many COVID-19 vaccine projects under way around the world, while V-01 has many potential advantages such as a strong safety profile, high neutralizing antibody titre in vivo, long durability, and easy to scale up for manufacturing.

Searle Pharma believes that keeping in view the current pandemic, regulatory authorities will take up the matter on an urgent basis & support for fast-track approval to carry out phase III clinical trials in Pakistan.

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