The recent ban on fresh chilled meat exports from Pakistan to the United Arab Emirates (UAE), effective October 10th, 2023, will not impact The Organic Meat Company Limited’s sales to the UAE. This restriction stems from an incident where a non-affiliated meat exporter supplied subpar fresh chilled meat via sea to the UAE. This was stated by TOMCL in a filing with Pakistan Stock Exchange.

It’s important to note that this ban exclusively pertains to fresh chilled meat shipments by sea, leaving air exports unaffected. Fortunately, The Organic Meat Company Limited is well-prepared to navigate this situation, as it specializes in providing frozen and vacuum-packed chilled meat products. These categories face no restrictions and will continue to be shipped to the UAE via sea.

TOMCL has assured its UAE customers and potential clients that it possesses extensive facilities for supplying high-quality frozen and vacuum-packed chilled meat products. These capabilities, combined with the flexibility of maintaining the sea route for such shipments, ensure that the ban will not disrupt the company’s revenue and profit margins.

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