As per the news sources, FBR is still using the Hacked system while it is still assessing the magnitude of hack and has yet to ascertain whether the data privacy of FBR was compromised in the attack. This is despite the lapse of one week and there has been no confirmation from the FBR over the same.

Infact, FBR initially denied the report that its system had been under attack. The new was only confirmed by the Finance Minister which confirmed the news.

After the attack, the access to FBR system was made available to public on Dark Net with price ranging from $120,000.

While the attack has taken places, news sources has confirmed that the attack was due use of pirated and non-authorized software in the FBR system. Last Year, There has been strong suggestions from USA to FBR to not to use counterfeit software without licensing. However, the same was ignored.

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