At least three new cell phone companies have expressed interest in setting up their Manufacturing units in Pakistan, Ever since the government introduced tax breaks for cell phone assembly / production in line with a recent presidential decree,.

The government recently passed legislation abolishing withholding tax on locally made mobile devices. The move was taken to stimulate the assembly and production of mobile phone parts in the country.

A spokesman for the Engineering Development Board (EDB), a department under the Ministry of Industry and Manufacturing, said,

“Three new members have applied to establish manufacturing facilities in the country.” Vivo plans to open a division in Faisalabad; Airlink has applied for a Lahore division; While Advance Telecom wants to create one in Karachi. “

He said that the Engineering Development Board is the policy formulator for the production of mobile phones in the country, adding that the tax breaks introduced in the Presidential Order were originally proposed by the EDB after necessary discussions.

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