U Microfinance Bank Limited and Kashf Foundation signed an agreement to digitize loan repayments and installment plans. Through this collaboration, U-microfinance Bank will also expand its service channels to the Kashf Foundation to offer its customers simple and secure loan collection and payment services through UPaisa mobile wallets.

Speaking at the event, Kabeer Naqvi, CEO of U Microfinance Bank, said: “We strongly believe that collaboration between traditional microfinance and digitalization is essential to create a promising financial sector designed to serve a large portion of an economically isolated community.”

“These partnerships will be a springboard for access to credit, savings, health insurance and more. We are delighted to partner with a leading microfinance company such as Kashf, which will open up opportunities for both partners by optimizing services and increasing efficiency and customer convenience. “

Roshaneh Zafar, CEO of the Kashf Foundation, said, “Expanding access to digital financial services is an effective way to improve women’s economic opportunities to promote sustainable growth in the country.”

In this endeavor, the Kashf Foundation welcomes a partnership with U Microfinance Bank Limited to provide access to innovative digital solutions for the social and economic empowerment of women microentrepreneurs across Pakistan. “There is no doubt that empowering women will lead to healthier families, prosperous communities and a thriving economy,” she added.
This joint efforts will contribute to the work of U Bank and the Kashf Foundation to promote economic integration in Pakistan.


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