United Motors
United Motors has lowered bravo and alpha prices.

The price of United Bravo has been reduced by 69,000 and is now available at 1,030,000 instead of 1,099,000.

The price of United Alfa has fallen by 95,000 from 1,445,000 to 1,350,000.

The company has lowered the prices of all its Glory cars.

The Glory 580 Pro 1500cc Turbo is lowered by Rs 89,000 and is now available for Rs 4,610,000 instead of Rs 4,699,000.

Similarly, the Glory 580T 1500cc Turbo will be sold at 4.229mn instead of 4.299mn after a discount of Rs 70,000.

The Glory 580 1800cc model has also been reduced by Rs 70,000 and is available at Rs 4.379mn instead of 4.449mn.

Prince Pearl

The company has reduced the price of its car by Rs. 88,000, after which it will be available for Rs 1,111,000 instead of Rs 1,199,000.

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