The federal government has approved the Voluntary Separation Scheme (VSS) and the Mandatory Golden Handshake Scheme (GHS) for Pakistani Medical Commission (PMC) employees under the Pakistan Medical Commission Act 2020.

National Health Services Regulations & Coordination Division informed the Cabinet of Ministers of the publication of the Pakistan Medical Commission Act, 2020 to ensure regulation and supervision of the medical profession; Establish an agreed minimum level of recognition for basic and higher education, training and diplomas in medicine and dentistry. The Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC) is composed of the Medical and Dental Council, the National Academic Medicine and Dentistry Council and the National Medical Group in accordance with sections AB and C of section 3 (4) of the PMC Act 2020.

Pursuant to section B (2) (a) of the Act, the government is responsible for appointing members, officers and employees of the Commission on such conditions as the Government deems necessary to achieve the objectives of this Act, and for all matters relating to welfare, employment, etc. including the power to impose mandatory approval of golden handshake programs, provided that the Federal Government or any other separation package for Office staff as it deems appropriate.

The Pakistani Medical Commission (PMC) has developed two schemes for PMC staff: a voluntary package scheme and a mandatory golden handshake program. The voluntary separation scheme for current permanent PMC employees allows voluntary separation from service with financial benefits. However, if an employee who has not chosen VSS and his services are no longer needed, the Golden Handshake system will be applied.

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