A spokesperson of Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA) has said that WAPDA has spent a significant amount of PKR 100 billion in the project areas to ensure advancement and prosperity of local communities.

He said that this amount was used as part of confidence building measures (CBM) in the project areas for four projects under construction from Wapda, namely Diamir Bhasha Dam, Mohamand Dam, Dasu and Tarbela dam

He said that these schemes included rehabilitation of people with disabilities, health, education, infrastructure development etc. so that positive lifestyle changes for people from remote and underdeveloped areas living at very low levels in the Human Development Index Can be brought up. He said that investing 100 billion rupees in development programs from WAPDA will help in significant improvement in HDI in these backward areas.

According to the statement, PKR 78.5 billion has been allocated for the implementation of development plans in the area of ​​Diamer Pasha Dam in order to lift the socio-economic development of the population. The dam is being built on the Indus River, 40 km downstream from the city of Chilas in Gilgit-Baltistan, with a total reservoir capacity of 8.1 MW and an installed capacity of 4,500 MW.

He also said that PKR 4.57 billion has been allocated for development schemes in the areas of Mohamand Dam in the areas of health, education, drinking water and infrastructure development.

The dam is being built across the Swat River in the Mohamand tribal area of ​​Khyber Pakhtunkhwa with a total reservoir capacity of 1.2 MW and a generation capacity of 800 MW.

He said that around Dasu Dam area, WAPDA has spent around PKR17.35 billion to complete the rehabilitation, social development, and environmental management development schemes to reduce poverty in the Wapda project area. The first phase of the Dasu hydroelectric project is being implemented in the Indus River in the Kohistan region of Khyber Pashtun Province with an installed generation capacity of 2,160 MW.

He said that although there was no rehabilitation during the construction of the fifth extension of the Tarbela hydropower project, Rs 298 million was allocated to the development of people in the project as a confidence-building measure.

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