Yamaha Motor Pakistan raised the price of its YBR 125G by PKR 8,000 just two weeks after it raised the prices of other bikes.

With the latest price hike on August 12, the price of 125G YBR will rise from PKR 197,000 to PKR 205,000.

This is the second price revision of the option in several months. Earlier in April-2021, an increase of PKR 7,000 raised the price of YBRG from 190,000 to 197,000.

On July 26, the company announced changes again, according to which the price of the Yamaha YB 125Z increased from PKR 169,000 to PKR 176,000, the Yamaha YB 125Z-DX from PKR 182,500 to PKR 190,000 and the more expensive Yamaha YBR Rs 8,000 at a new price of PKR 188,000 rupees.

Yamaha did not explain the reason for the latest price hike. Suzuki, Honda and many other Chinese manufacturers have recently raised their motorcycle prices.

However, the recent price hike is believed to be due to rising transport costs and rising steel prices in the country.

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