Zong 4G has defined the industry standards in more than one way to facilitate Pakistanis and expedite the country’s progress towards its steep digital goals. The facts that Zong was the first cellular company in Pakistan to introduce 4G in the country, as well as the first telco to test 5G on only in Pakistan but in South Asia, speak volumes of the company’s forward-looking approach.

The winning strategy that makes Zong a true industry leader is simple and twofold: focus on network advancement, and focus on customer satisfaction. It’s a perfect formula where both focus areas go hand-in-hand, creating an amazing synergy or innovative services and solutions. Both in numbers and sentiment, Zong emerges as a digital services leader in Pakistan where removing the digital inclusion gaps remains a top priority and ICT is the key means of reaching the goal of a knowledge economy.

On many fronts, Zong is the clear industry leader. It has an expansive nationwide coverage with 14,000 4G sites. Plus, the company has acquired the highest LTE spectrum bandwidth and offers an unsurpassed customer experience as compared to other industry operators. All these measures adhered to an enhanced customer experience where users get to enjoy seamless and uninterrupted connectivity, faster download and upload speeds, better video streaming experience, and superior coverage.

Zong’s customer satisfaction was recently proved in OpenSignal’s Network Experience Report in which Zong was ranked the best in the top five service areas that include Video Experience, Download Speed Experience, Upload Speed Experience, 4G Availability, and 4G Coverage Experience.

Zong 4G’s customers have time and again appreciated Zong 4G’s for the seamless browsing and voice experience. The digitally-savvy customers also laud the company for providing highly reliable connectivity, which enables them to get the best digital experience.

“I prefer Zong for calls as well as fast internet as there are hardly any lags or long loading times,” said Liaqat Hussain whose client servicing company has gone completely remote for an indefinite period due to Covid-19. “I have tried almost all other networks and ISPs but faced connectivity issues with all of them. I switched to Zong just last year to give it a try and found it highly reliable for regular connectivity as well as some data-hungry office tasks like uploading and downloading of documents and media. It’s made remote working easier for me,” he added.

Moreover, Zong possesses an IGW network with 3 x ISPs to ensure redundancy and robustness, while ensuring congestion-free and uninterrupted data services for its customers. Even in the recent pandemic situation, Zong had successfully deployed over 500 network additional sites by the end of November and is aiming to deploy at least 200 more sites in the current month. This is the extensive scale on which Zong is expanding its nationwide footprint, providing digital access to even the remotest of Pakistani areas.

Zong’s mission of powering the whole of Pakistan with its best-in-class connectivity services and solutions was also recently facilitated by the Universal Service Fund (USF) that chose Zong to bring the people of Karachi’s and Balochistan’s far-fetched areas into the fold of digital inclusion. The projects have already begun and people of these far-flung and yet neglected areas will soon get the taste of Zong’s superior connectivity and the benefits of digital connectivity.

In this pandemic situation, CMPAK Limited has successfully on-aired 500+ sites till the end of Nov-2020 and aiming to on-air another 200+ sites in Dec-2020. By this, CMPAK is extending its network coverage in almost all corners of the country.

With the recent rise in subscribers’ demand for higher capacity, as well as growing data traffic as a result of Zong’s high-speed internet services, Zong has been Pakistan’s fastest-growing network in terms of fiber deployment, having deployed 2,100 km of fiber in the past two years alone, making it the highest-fiber rollout in the industry.

Through these technological advancements, Zong 4G aspires to lead to create Digital Pakistan, having an overall impact on the digital ecosystem in the country. Its unparalleled network leadership and unprecedented telecommunications experience have acted as a major benefactor in providing an unmatched customer experience.

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