Pakistan received a total of $ 14.28 billion in the period July’2020-June 2021 from bilateral and multilateral development partners, foreign commercial loans, bonds, and time deposits to support the economy and finance development projects.

These foreign flows came in various areas of the economy including employment, health care, education, public transport, water supply, and more, which contributes to economic growth and contributes to social, economic, and human development in Pakistan.

External assistance to Pakistan from multilateral sources in July’202-June’2021 amounted to $ 4.37 billion.

While on the Bilateral front, Pakistan received $ 203 million from China, followed by the United States with $ 108.48 million, the United Kingdom with $ 49.5 million and France with $ 41.53 million.

From International Markets, Pakistan received $ 2.5 billion in Eurobonds.

Of a Gross $ 14.28 billion, Pakistan received 33% or $ 4.72 billion as net foreign flow due to the repayment of outstanding foreign loans.

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