As per news flow from Alternate Energy Development Board, Eleven wind projects having a cumulative capacity of 660 MW have achieved financial close and are going to start Wind Power generation by December 2021.

These projects include Metro Wind Power Ltd – 60 MW, Master Green Energy Ltd – 50 MW, Tricom Wind Power Pvt Ltd – 50 MW, Lakeside Energy Pvt. Ltd – 50 MW, Artistic Wind Power Ltd -50 MW and Liberty Wind Power 1 Pvt Ltd – 50 MW, Indus Wind Energy Ltd – 50 MW, Master Green Energy Ltd – 50 MW, ACT2 Wind Pvt Ltd – 50 MW, Liberty Wind Power 2 Pvt Ltd – 50 MW, Masda Green Energy Pvt Ltd – 50 MW, DIN Energy Ltd – 50 MW and Gul Ahmed Electric Ltd – 50 MW will have the commencement of Operations by December 2021.

All these projects were being set up at Jhimpir Wind Power Corridor in Thatta.

Currently, Twenty-Four wind power projects with a cumulative capacity of 1,233.37 MW have already achieved commencement of their operations and are providing Windpower to National Grid.

These projects included 49.5 MW FFC Energy Limited, 56.4 MW Zorlu Enerji Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd, 49.5 MW Three Gorges First Wind Farm Pakistan (Pvt.) Limited, 50 MW each Foundation Wind Energy-I and II Ltd, 52.8 MW Sapphire Wind Power Company Ltd, 50 MW Yunus Energy Ltd, 50 MW Metro Power Company Ltd, 30 MW Tapal Wind Energy Pvt. Ltd and 49.5 MW Tenaga Generasi Ltd.

Currently, Master Wind Energy Pvt. Ltd is supplying 52.8 MW, Gul Wind Energy Ltd 50 MW, Hydro China Dawood Power Pvt Ltd (CPEC) 49.5 MW, Sachal Energy Development Pvt. Ltd (CPEC) 49.5 MW, United Energy Pakistan Pvt Ltd (CPEC) 99 MW, Hawa Energy Pvt Ltd 49.737 MW, Jhampir Wind Power Ltd 49.737 MW and Artistic Energy Pvt Ltd 49.3 MW to NTDC.

Presently, Alternative Energy Development Board (AEDB) Alternative & Renewable Energy Policy (ARE Policy 2019) policy is in place aiming to create a conducive environment for the sustainable growth of the Alternate Energy Sector in Pakistan.

The government of Pakistan’s strategic objectives of Energy Security, Economic Benefits, Environmental Protection, Sustainable Growth and Social Equity will further be harnessed under the ARE Policy 2019.

The policy has an expanded scope encompassing all alternative and renewable energy sources, competitive procurement and addresses areas like distributed generation systems, off-grid solutions, B2B methodologies and rural energy services.

The ARE Policy 2019 sets a target of achieving 20% of Country’s Power capacity alternate sources by 2025 and 30% capacity by 2030.

The ARE Policy 2019 has planned the development of large-scale Alternate Energy projects in the country through the active participation of the provinces and highlight procedures for the development of provincially sponsored projects.

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